Teak/Hardwood Sealer - 1000ml

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This Garden Woodsealer is perfectly suited for use on our teak garden furniture and has been our wood treatment of choice for many years.  Originally developed to protect ship's timbers, this hardwood treatment will protect your garden furniture from UV and water degradation. 

Easy to apply, this non-toxic formula forms a micro-porous surface with a matt finish which allows the wood to breathe, while still providing protection from the elements. This treatment can be applied to new or weathered teak; restoring the colour, protecting the wood, and extending the life of your teak garden furniture. 

If your furniture will be left outside all year then we recommend applying 1-2 thin coats of this treatment, with a brush or sponge, in both the spring and autumn. 

Please visit our Care & Maintenance page for more detailed information on how to care for your teak garden furniture.

1 Litre Bottle